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I am a freelance writer covering health & wellbeing topics, as well as U.S. politics, economics, and current affairs. I am passionate about writing engaging, well researched, and easy to understand pieces that are adapted to the voice of the publication in which they will be featured. My clients appreciate the rapport I build with them, and with my interviewees. I strongly believe the written word holds incredible power and I do my utmost to use my writing to make the world a better place.


I work with people and businesses to help them show their true colours online and in print. I help creatives share who they are with prospective employers and manage their social channels to increase their revenue. For businesses I work alongside them to launch or re-launch collaborating with leading web and print designers, creating an effective and scalable social strategy, and managing their social channels including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium and more.


Who is Indie botts?

My name is India Bottomley, my family call me Indie Botts. I was born in Sussex, England and moved to South West France when I was five years old. I went to school in France until I graduate with a Baccalaureate in Economics, Sociology, and Political Sciences. I learnt to speak fluent French in three months after starting school only being able to ask where the bathroom was - it was ‘character building’.

After I graduated high school, I moved back to the UK on my own to study American Studies at the University of Kent. I got used to travelling back and forth between Canterbury and my home in France I think those years played a big part in me forming a love for solo travel. I graduated in 2016 with a 2.1, and also won the Colyer-Fergusson Prize for Music in my graduating year.

My interest in reading and writing started from a young age. My mum would make up stories for me at bed time every day. I spent (and still spend) most of my time dreaming up stories, when I was little they were usually about ponies! I started doing admin work for a national paper in France and had a column in my local newspaper when I was a teenager. I wrote for UCAS when I was studying for my baccalaureate and starting university. I then worked as Associate Editor at Student Beans before becoming the Local Editor for The Daily Touch.

Since then, my writing and research has been published online and in print, from specialist websites to ghostwritten memoirs. I now write about topics that I care deeply about, and work with people and companies that I believe in.

In my spare time, depending on where I am in the world, I try to volunteer as much as possible. I love driving to the beach for sunset, and practice yoga as often as I can. I also watch too much Netflix.

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