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For people and companies operating in the creative industries creating a strong brand is crucial for long-term success. I work with people and brands to find their voice and spread their message online and in print. It can be difficult to find a company that will take care of the whole process of branding from concept to updating socials on a daily or weekly basis. It is a service I have worked hard to refine so that clients receive the highest quality work across all platforms. Scroll down or click on the categories below to find out about how I can help you or your business to grow.


If you’re a creative looking to become a digital nomad, update your CV to find a new role, or outsource your social media management, the information you’re looking for is right this way.

If you’re a business owner who is looking to outsource your socials, work with someone to establish or refine your brand identity, the details you’ll need can be found here.

social media manager for small business

branding for people


coaching for digital nomads

If you are just starting out your freelance career or are looking at transitioning from employment to a nomadic lifestyle I offer a bespoke coaching service. There are tons of courses online but none of them are completely tailored to each user’s specific set of circumstances, my service changes that.


Career consultancy

If you’re a creative looking for a new role, or a freelancer looking to take on new clients this service will help you come across in the best light. I will work with you to edit your CV and cover letter. I also help people who are looking to make a sideways move into a new industry, sector, or location.


social media management

I work with creatives to establish a voice and aesthetic online. I work with clients to audit their platforms as they are, and work with them to improve on their engagement rates. I can work with you, or take the task off your hands completely, either way my main goal will be to boost your profile and income.


Branding for businesses


branding consultancy

If you’re launching a new brand or refreshing a company that is already established but don’t need help on a daily basis, this service is for you. I will work with you and put you in touch with leading designers and other suppliers to coordinate your launch or relaunch.


digital Marketing coaching

For businesses who need a helping hand figuring out how to use social media and digital marketing to their biggest advantage. This service could be described as shared social media management, you will benefit from expert advice but also learn the ropes so you can continue on your own.

social media for small business

full service social management

Whether social media just isn’t your thing, or if your business has grown enough that you need to outsource something I can help you. I can either simply work on scheduling your posts for you, or can create posts and interact with your community.

branding for small businesses